The Schoolhouse has been a part of Independence for just over 30 years.  It is a small private elementary school located in an old farmhouse surrounded by a big yard filled with beautiful old trees.  Mary Childers, founder, has cared for the old trees and planted many more over the years to provide shade and shelter to many living creatures.

As it was all over Independence,  the trees at The Schoolhouse took quite a beating in the ice storm.  Fallen limbs were everywhere, and many limbs not yet fallen would be a safety risk to the children when they returned to school.

The parents and friends of The Schoolhouse reached out, even though many were facing storm damage and power outages at home.  Parents -- some new to the school this year, some who've been involved for many years, even some whose children have moved on to higher grades -- called to check on the school and offer their help.  They came from as far away as Odessa and Pleasant Hill, bringing their chainsaws and their love for The Schoolhouse to help out however they could.  They checked in to see if everyone was okay, and those who had power offered to help those who didn't.

Twenty-two children attend The Schoolhouse this year, so it is a small, tight-knit group.  It's easy to get involved because there is such a personal, caring environment for the children and the parents as well.  A crisis such as the ice storm just gives the parents and friends of The Schoolhouse a chance to give back.

"I treasure all of the wonderful memories of the friends, teachers, and experiences I had during my time at The Schoolhouse.  It was a fantastic opportunity I will never forget."
Schoolhouse Grounds Were Hit Quite Hard
By Elizabeth Couzens
The Examiner
Date: 02/16/02