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This page was last updated: August 13, 2016

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An Independent Elementary School Where Children Flourish
  • A Schoolhouse education gives your student a solid background in Reading, Writing, and Mathmatics with a strong empasis on self-esteem, problem-solving, computer literacy and the arts.
  • Pre-Kindergarden through 6th Grade (full and half-day Pre-K, and Kindergarten available)
  • Small class sizes & Individualized Instruction
  • Family atmosphere and homelike setting
  • Meets all state and local education requirements
  • We accept students of any race, religion, domestic situation or national or ethnic origin.
  • The Schoolhouse has been educating children for more than 40 years
14709 E. 35th St.  Independence, Missouri
  816- 373-5938

The Schoolhouse now offers a full and half day program for your Pre-Kindergarten child!